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WebStage Owner Yasuyuki Iwasaki
e-mail: webstage@ny.airnet.ne.jp
Telephone: 81(Japan)-45-624-9603

postal-mail: Yasuyuki Iwasaki c/o Kanagawa FP coop, #1-Yasuda Bldg 7F, 2-21-8 Tsuruya-cho Kanagawa-ku Yokohama-City 221-0835, Japan

I have extensive experience interactive with business people in the US and Europe, and also with Japanese clients.


I have worked about 39 years at IBM which headquarter is in US. My job role was to negotiate Japanese requirements with product development teams in US/Europe and to apply them to computer products. Also I have visited customers to explain functions in new products and status to solve quality problems. In many cases, I visited jointly with development managers and engineers from the US to explain improvement plans for customers. I made Japanese version of presentation packages for customers.

Job responsibilities in previous company

I explained Japanese requirements in English for development groups in US/Europe, and proposed product solutions in order to convince development.
Applied Japanese customer requirements in product.
- Accepted to install our products in the original requested customer.

Applied Japanese quality standard in product.
- Installed our computer systems in many customers in several industries.

Applied Japanese manufacturing process to plants in oversea countries.
- Product quality has been improved and has got a dominant position.
I visited customers who suffered quality problems in product with US executive and/or US engineer to explain why such as problem happened. I made and modified charts before the customer call to get customer understanding.